Assessing your results

Have you ever debated who's more athletic, the small and shifty point guard, the tall and slender midfielder, or the powerful outside linebacker? Athlon makes it easy to finally compare yourself against athletes from different sports! We can achieve that by making all athletes perform the same benchmark tests.

How do you accurately measure your progress

Athlon uses technology to accurately measure combine results to help you know where you stand amongst your teammates, your opponents or even your favorite athletes! Athlon lets you validate your athleticism in an objective and measurable way by providing easy-to-read statistics.

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Athletic Excellence

Being an elite athlete requires a strong combination of different physical and mental attributes. At Athlon, we call them evaluation pillars. You need to separate these attributes when assessing yourself to clearly understand where you excel and where you need to improve, specifically. Athlon's assessment results provide the data needed to tailor your athletic program and focus on areas that need improvement.

Our evaluation

A dashboard that tells the whole story

You may run fast; but how fast? You're pretty agile; but how agile? The Athlon dashboard and customized reports allow you to sort and analyze your results and corresponding data the same way you would the standings or your individual stat columns from your respective sport.

Our testing

Data accessible to all athletes

Professional-grade data is now accessible to athletes at all levels. Athlon provides the amateur & professional athletes the opportunity to leverage data and analytics just like the pros do. Whether it's short-term progress or long-term development you're looking to track, Athlon's combine assessment results are used to evaluate your level of athleticism.

The data

Looking to offer your athletes a unique experience?

Ideal for schools and associations, Athlon brings the combine to you and provides a fun and unique experience that allows you to learn more about each athlete individually. Our customized dashboards and reports are easy-to-read and give you access to data you never knew was available!

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Athlon makes it easy to finally compare yourself against athletes from different sports! All athletes perform the same benchmark tests.
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