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ATHLON is offering elite athletic testing and data accessible to athletes of all ages and levels! Starting with grassroot programs, we see the value is being able to analyze youth performance and give them the proper data to know exactly what areas to target in order to be well rounded in all levels of performance.

Why do you need data?

In a world where data is power and information is at our fingertips, ATHLON has created a model that offers just that. Once your combine testing is completed, you’ll be able to access your performance data from the convenience of your mobile phone. Coaches will be given a “progress report” to objectively track progress and to spotlight strengths and weaknesses in order to better their players.

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What is a combine?

A combine is an athletic showcase event where participants perform an array of mostly physical tests and certain relevant cognitive assessments. The ultimate objective is to evaluate the athletes’ general athleticism and certain sport-specific attributes in a standardized, and controlled setting. Athlon has repositioned the concept to be used as an ongoing assessment tool that propels athletes to attain heights they never thought possible through data and analytics.

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Our story

The ATHLON team is made up of sports fanatics who are fascinated by personal development and the thrill of competition. Through a melting pot of league and sports brand owners to tech, mathematics and IT geniuses, the Athlon team is composed of all the right players to offer elite level performance testing and analytics.

We were intrigued by the concept of raw athleticism. How some athletes have the ability to step into a new sport and immediately excel. Which athletic traits allow this and how could one improve these skills? The Combine event is a remarkable concept. It allows coaches/scouts/athletes to objectively measure the athleticism of multiple athletes, who may come from a variety of different sports- to compete against one another.

Athlon invites athletes of all backgrounds and ages to assess themselves. We want to provide a tool that can help athletes objectively assess strengths and weaknesses in parallel to their training regimen, in order to fill the gaps and be the best athlete they can be.

Our partners

Athlon is a growing community! We truly value our relationship with the below organizations, who’ve given us the opportunity to offer their members more value!

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Athlon makes it easy to finally compare yourself against athletes from different sports! All athletes perform the same benchmark tests.
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