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We offer both private and open combines for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a unique experience that ignites your inner competitor - look no further! Athlon Combines allow you to compete versus others and more importantly, yourself, all with the goal of making continuous progress!

Schools Clubs & Associations Private & Corporate

Clubs & associations offers

Athlon is excited to offer exclusive Combine events to associations and club teams looking to offer their members some added value.

Coaches dedicate countless hours to helping their players improve their game. Sport-specific skills can be assessed by watching game film and by reading the stat sheet, and can be perfected through drills and practice. Raw athleticism is built in the gym and on the track; it is best assessed through off-field testing.

Anyone can use a stopwatch to test their athletes. Athlon takes it to the next level. Not only will the combine be a second-to-none experience for all your athletes, but the data we provide you thereafter will allow you and your players to see exactly where they rank versus their teammates, other athletes practicing the same sport in a similar agerange, pro athletes, and just about anyone else. The data is endless. We also provide benchmarks and expected results for your next scheduled combine. Help us help you motivate your athletes to get better.

  • On-site (pop-up) events
  • Objectively assess your athletes
  • Ability to add/remove tests
  • Giveaways
  • Neurotracker Cognitive test

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Space requirements

Hosting an Athlon Combine on your campus is the ideal scenario; it is both cost effective and logistically appeasing. Athlon can reduce the ideal space requirement of an event by making slight modifications to certain tests. If your facilities do not meet our requirements, Athlon can assist you in booking a suitable, nearby facility.

Unobstructed floor length
100 ft (minimum requirement)
195 ft (ideal)

Unobstructed floor space*
*assumes standard 5x8 dimensions
4000 sq/ft (minimum requirement)
12,000 sq/ft (ideal)

Accepted Surfaces:
(Ideal) Synthetic Turf
Gymnasium Flooring [Hardwood, Polyurethane, Vinyl, Rubber] (Accepted)
Natural Grass

Athlon open events

The Open event welcomes any athlete, from any age and background to take part in a fun, yet competitive setting! Strive to attain your best results- and then use our analytical tools to see where you rank versus other competitors- as similar or dissimilar to you wish. Whether you aim to be crowned your city’s best athlete, or simply want to objectively measure the progress you’ve made in your training - an Athlon Open Event is for you!

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