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Want to walk away with next level analytics that are usually reserved for the pros? Athlon allows athletes of all ages and calibers to test their athleticism just like the pros do. Find out what makes Athlon's fitness combines truly unique.

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Athlon's combine testing results offer an objective assessment of your key athletic performance indicators. You deserve more than a ballpark estimate of your strengths and weaknesses. With the real, quantifiable data Athlon provides, you can tailor and adapt your training program to develop the skills you need to win!

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Ever wonder where you would rank?

Evaluation pillars have been broken down into six categories that Athlon uses as indicators of raw athleticism. Some athletes excel in one or two, but the best athletes will score highly in all six! Where do you rank in each pillar? Find out your standing and how you would rank relative your peers and teammates.







How we evaluate

Our testing methods

Using a mix of both traditional combine tests, and new & innovative assessments, you'll get a 360˚ view of your athleticism - including information about your cognitive skills and ability to focus. Athlon helps you objectively assess your performance and standing.

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You're looking for something new and innovative for your sports team or students? Something that will challenge everyone to push their hardest and strive to improve? Athlon gives you all that, and we come to you! Pop-up events tailored to athletes, teams, clubs and associations on your home turf.

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Results that win championships

Don't just spend countless hours training and practicing, use the quantifiably measures Athlon provides to adjust your training regimen and your performance on gameday.

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Athlon spotted a void in the world of amateur sports. Now its goal is to objectively evaluate athletes who work tirelessly to improve their athleticism. Athlon delivers data that helps athletes and teams practice and perform better.

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Athlon makes it easy to finally compare yourself against athletes from different sports! All athletes perform the same benchmark tests.
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